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Current Needs of Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital

    In a far-off land with difficult terrain,
    Where access to healthcare was a daily pain,
    A young doctor with a heart so true,
    Dreamed of a hospital to bring life anew.

    With determination and a vision so bright,
    He worked tirelessly day and night.
    To build a place of healing and hope,
    Where people in need could find a way to cope.

    The Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital,
    Is a beacon of light to the poorest of the poor,
    Bringing quality care to those who need it more.
    With programs that reach far wide,
    And communities strengthened in every stride.

    Built with support from many generous hands,
    It is a work of excellence that proudly stands.
    Generations to come will be blessed,
    By the care and love that is expressed.

    So let’s join hands and offer our support,
    To this hospital, that does so much more.
    Together, we can make a difference,
    And create a world with no indifference.

    As a non-profit charity, the hospital’s ability to address its numerous needs and commence operations relies heavily on the generous contributions of donors and well-wishers. By extending a helping hand, donors can significantly impact the lives of countless individuals who depend on the Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital for their healthcare needs.

    [Updated March 27, 2023]

    Some of the current needs of the hospital include the following:

    1. Customized furniture: In order to provide efficient and comfortable services, the hospital requires customized furniture in various areas such as reception, emergency, laboratory, dressing room, x-ray processing room, sterilization room, inpatient ward, dental room, outpatient rooms, medical record and delivery room. Adequate furniture will ensure that patients and staff have a comfortable and organized environment, enabling efficient healthcare delivery.
    2. Laboratory equipment: The hospital needs advanced laboratory equipment to diagnose and treat various medical conditions accurately. Without proper equipment, the hospital’s ability to provide accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment is compromised, which may result in delayed or inadequate care for patients.
    3. X-ray machine: An x-ray machine is essential for accurately diagnosing and treating numerous medical conditions, including bone fractures, infections, and tumours. Having a reliable x-ray machine on-site would enable the hospital to provide timely and accurate diagnoses, which is critical for effective treatment and patient care.
    4. Computers and online record-keeping systems: The hospital requires computers to streamline its activities, including maintaining patient records, managing appointments, and coordinating communications among staff members. Implementing an online record-keeping system would reduce the reliance on paper-based processes, improve efficiency, and enable secure access to patient information for authorized staff members.
    5. Waste management and bio degradable machines: The hospital requires waste management and bio degradable machines to maintain a clean and safe environment within the hospital. By implementing such systems, the hospital can support sustainable initiatives, minimize its environmental impact, and reduce the risk of contamination and infection.
    6. Furniture for pharmacy and store: The hospital requires adequate furniture to properly store medications, supplies, and equipment in the pharmacy and storage areas. Proper organization and storage are essential for ensuring that the hospital can efficiently access and manage its resources, as well as maintain a safe and hygienic environment.
    7. Generator for power backup: Reliable power supply is crucial for maintaining the smooth operation of the hospital’s equipment, computers, and lighting. In rural Nepal, power outages and fluctuations are not uncommon, which can disrupt essential healthcare services and put patients at risk. By having a generator for power backup, the Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital can ensure continuous operation during power outages, thereby providing uninterrupted patient care and maintaining the facility’s safety and functionality.
    8. Dental equipment: Access to comprehensive dental care is essential for maintaining the overall health and well-being of the rural communities served by the Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital. Dental problems, if left untreated, can lead to severe pain, infection, and even systemic health issues. To provide a full range of dental services, the hospital requires specialized dental equipment, such as dental chairs, intraoral cameras, dental handpieces, ultrasonic scalers, and sterilization equipment.
    9. Hospital Lift: The need for a lift is a priority at Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital because the patient wards are located on the first floor. A lift would enable smooth and efficient movement of patients, including those with mobility challenges, elderly, and pregnant women and equipment between floors, making it easier for patients to access the wards and receive the care they need.
    10. Cold storage equipment: Another crucial need for the Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital is the acquisition of cold storage equipment. Such equipment, including refrigerators and freezers, is vital for the proper storage of temperature-sensitive medications, vaccines, and medical supplies. Maintaining the appropriate temperature conditions ensures that these items remain effective and safe for use by patients.
    11. Bathroom equipment: Essential bathroom equipment such as toilets, sinks, faucets, showers, and drainage systems are needed to ensure proper sanitation and functionality. Proper bathroom equipment contributes to overall cleanliness, prevents the spread of infections, and accommodates the diverse needs of individuals using the hospital.
    12. Lightening Need: Proper lighting is a critical requirement for the Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital to ensure the safety, comfort, and efficiency of its healthcare services. Adequate lighting is required in various areas of the hospital, including examination rooms, minor surgical rooms, wards, laboratories, and pharmacy

    Addressing these critical needs is essential for the Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital to serve the rural communities in Nepal. By fulfilling these requirements, the hospital can elevate its healthcare standards, guaranteeing that patients receive the necessary and appropriate care they deserve.

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