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Direct Relief Donates Oxygen Concentrators

    Direct Relief donates 5-Litre 200 Oxygen concentrators to boost Mountain Heart Nepal’s and its hospital efforts in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. The nation has been hit by an unprecedented second wave of the coronavirus with demands for medical equipment and life-saving oxygen witnessing a major spike. 

    Direct Relief's chartered flight arrives in Nepal containing COVID-19 supplies including oxygen concentrators. 

    The 25-ton Direct Relief chartered airlift containing 860 oxygen concentrators arrived in Nepal on May 28, 2021. 

    Over the next few months, Mountain Heart Nepal and Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital will distribute the concentrators to health facilities across Nepal with the aim to reduce the havoc unleashed by the pandemic.  

    An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that operates by drawing air from the environment to deliver continuous, clean and concentrated oxygen to needy patients. Concentrators provide a sustainable and cost-effective source of medical oxygen and are designed for continuous operation. While oxygen cylinders require refilling and need to be transported in cryogenic tankers, concentrators are easily portable and only need a power source to draw in ambient air. 

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