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Emergency Response

Our parent organization Mountain Heart Nepal has responded to various emergencies occurring in the country. Besides the 2015 earthquake, Mountain Heart Nepal have responded to flooding in the Terai, rainstorm, and landslides.

Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital staff work regularly with Mountain Heart Nepal to ensure adequate community-wide planning, preparedness and response program during emergencies.

Below are the activities of Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital Emergency Response since its founding:


1. Provided emergency food parcels to marginalized groups and daily wage workers who lost their job because of COVID-19 and lacked the income to buy food for their households. The food parcels were distributed to 470 families of Nuwakot, Rasuwa and Makwanpur districts.
2. Distributed Oxygen Concentrators received from Direct Relief to rural government hospitals and health centres.
3. Provided emergency food parcels and flood relief items including tents to people affected by the 2021 flooding in Manang.
4. Provided emergency food parcels and tarpaulins to people affected by the 2021 landslide in Myagdi.
5. We established a Toll-Free Helpline service and employed a full-time counsellor to provide non-clinical advice, practical support and counselling to COVID-19 patients in-home quarantine.
6. We installed an oxygen manufacturing plant at our hospital to address the need for oxygen shortages in our community.