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The Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital (SRCH) is dedicated to providing accessible healthcare in rural Nepal, and as part of this commitment, the hospital has established a financial assistance program known as “James Hovey Financial Assistance Fund” to help patients who cannot afford medical services at SRCH.

In 2017, Dr Aban Gautam collaborated with a prominent individual from Direct Relief to carry out two medical missions for Mountain Heart Nepal. Witnessing the need for sustainable healthcare in rural Nepal, their joint efforts led to the establishment of Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital through the Makwanpur Hospital Project. In recognition of this contribution, SRCH named the financial assistance program in honour of his son, who was born during that year.

The James Hovey Financial Assistance Fund is primarily funded through two sources. First, it is built into Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital’s budget, which allocates a portion of its financial resources to the assistance program. Secondly, the fund is open to donations from individuals, organizations, and other contributors who wish to support the cause of providing accessible healthcare to those in need. By combining internal budget allocations and external donations, the fund can effectively support eligible patients facing financial constraints in accessing medical services at SRCH.


A. General
(i) Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital will not refuse, delay or discourage health services based on a patient’s ability to pay for the costs of such services.
(ii) Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital will actively promote all patients’ awareness of the availability of the James Hovey Financial Assistance Fund.
(iii) All patients who wish to make applications for financial assistance are to be referred to the financial counsellor.
(iv) The policy applies to all SRCH hospital charges and physician services.

B. Eligibility
The James Hovey Financial Assistance Fund is designed to be accessible to anyone facing financial difficulties in paying for medical services at Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital. The Fund aims to ensure that all patients, regardless of their financial circumstances, can receive the healthcare they need. By offering assistance to those in need, the fund supports the hospital’s mission of providing equitable and accessible healthcare in rural Nepal.

C. Additional considerations
The James Hovey Financial Assistance program funds healthcare services at all satellite clinics associated with Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital. This support ensures that patients in rural areas can access necessary medical care without financial barriers.


A. Financial Assistance Policy Publication
Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital will broadly publicize the availability of its financial assistance policy within the communities by taking the following actions:
(i) SRCH will post the policy and its financial assistance application on its website.
(ii) Signs will be posted in appropriate departments and registration areas describing the available assistance and
(iii) Financial counsellor representatives will be available to address questions related to the James Hovey Financial Assistance Fund.

B. Financial assistance application 
Patients wishing to apply for the James Hovey Financial Assistance Fund must submit a financial assistance application with supporting documents.


To guarantee price transparency, the hospital will publish a comprehensive list of all charges for its services on its official website. This allows patients to be well-informed about the costs associated with their medical care. Click here to view the costs of the services available at Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital.