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Langtang Valley Hospital

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Langtang Valley Hospital

The proposed Langtang Valley Hospital site is located in Sindum within the Gosaikunda Rural Municipality of the Langtang Valley. Access to the hospital site entails a short trek through the Langtang National Park. Daily local buses leave at 6-7 AM from Gongabu Bus Station in Kathmandu, heading towards Dhunche. Alternatively, you can choose to hire a private vehicle to travel to Syaprubesi, where you can rest and prepare for the trek ahead. Your journey towards Sindum includes a another planned overnight stay at Lama Hotel. You will arrive at the designated site for the construction of Langtang Valley Hospital by the Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital on the third day.

The trek’s moderate difficulty level makes it suitable for both seasoned trekkers and physically fit novices. 

The land where the proposed hospital will be built is owned by Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital.

Front view of the proposed Langtang Valley Hospital.
Map of How to Get to proposed Langtang Valley Hospital from Kathmandu.