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Mission & Vision

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To provide quality health services in rural Nepal by bringing skilled doctors to meet the poorest of the poor, saving many lives.


Individuals with access to affordable, equitable, sustainable, and quality care are part of every community.


In order to achieve our Mission and consistently move closer to the attainment of our Vision, each and every member of  Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital is committed to working within our set of culture and values. We are all committed to R.E.S.P.E.C.T every day in everything we do.

Treat everyone with honour, dignity and courtesy. Embrace “every person counts, every role counts” while working at Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital.

Promote and inspire the development and growth of the next generation of faculty, staff and board members who represent and serve the rich diversity of our community.

Use resources wisely.

Patient-Centred Care
Put patient and family at the centre of every decision.

Excellence and Innovation
Pursue excellence in everything we do with continuous improvements in quality, clinical care, teaching service, community service, cost-effectiveness and research.

Establish internal and external partnerships to integrate and coordinate hospital services effectively.

Embrace a collaborative teamwork approach to engage team members in reaching their highest potential in a respectful and inclusive work environment.

Our Programmatic Pillars

Our seven programmatic pillars are :

Pillar 1 (P): Provide Primary Care
We provide full spectrum of essential, quality health services, from health promotion to prevention, treatment aimed at individuals and families.

Pillar 2 (I): Increasing Affordability and Quality
We provide affordable and quality healthcare for all, focusing on underserved, ethnic minorities, women, and children.

Pillar 3 (L): Leveraging Community Participation
We engage the community in improving health and preventing disease by promoting awareness through community training and behaviour change messaging.

Pillar 4 (L): Long Term Sustainability
Sustainability means a lot of things to a lot of people. To us, it means the common goal of preserving and protecting the planet while providing scaled, sustainable health services in rural and remote communities.

Pillar 5 (A): Assistance in Emergency & Disaster
We work on the ground in the most challenging environment such as natural disasters, health-related emergencies and pandemics to reach the most people with lifesaving aid and medical assistance.

Pillar 6 (R): Rural Outreach
To reach out to rural communities maximally with clinical services, we conduct outreach services through mobile health camps. We also establish and operate satellite clinics for people unable to access health services locally.

Pillar 7 (S): Social and Economic Empowerment
We empower individuals, families, and communities through viable income-generating and skill development activities.