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Mountain Heart Nepal volunteers support the transport of critical COVID-19 patients

    As the second wave continues to surge, medical volunteers from our parent organisation – Mountain Heart Nepal is working around the clock to support the health system by conducting the safe transfer of critically ill COVID-19 patients from remote communities. 

    Because of the high transportation risks involved in transferring COVID-19 patients, some helicopters companies were unable to transport critical patients who otherwise would have required hospital treatment.  Without a lack of data, patients care protocols, standard operating procedures-SOPs, skilled healthcare workers and equipment, delivering patients in stable conditions was challenging, thereby increasing the risk of mortality.  

    Mountain Heart Nepal Medical Volunteers helping in air transport of COVID-19 patients
    Mountain Heart Nepal medical volunteers equipped with Direct Relief Emergency Backpack filled with critical supplies to transport COVID-19 patients. 

    Because of poor road connectivity in most mountainous regions of Nepal, the only way to ferry Covid-19 patients to better health facilities is by helicopter.

    Therefore Mountain Heart Nepal created an Emergency Medical Transport Team who were well versed in advanced ventilation approaches, intensive care and airway emergencies. To deliver the patient in a stable condition Mountain Heart arranged all essential equipment including oxygen. 

    Upon an urgent need request for experts from a helicopter company, the medical transport team were deployed immediately. 

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