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Our Works

At Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital, we deliver high quality, comprehensive medical care plus supportive programs and services that work together to help patients get healthy and stay that way.

Humanitarian Aid

Our parent organization Mountain Heart Nepal responds to various emergencies occurring in the country. Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital works closely with Mountain Heart Nepal to provide aid in times of natural disaster. Below are the activities of Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital’s humanitarian response since its founding: 2022 Doctors from Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital participated in

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Going Green Siddhasthali Hospital

Going Green

Today, roughly a quarter of all human disease and death in the world can be attributed to what the World Health Organization (WHO) broadly defines as environmental factors. Climate change, chemical contamination, and unsustainable resource use are exacerbating ill-health around the world. The health sector is contributing to various environmental health problems through the utilization

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Mountain Heart Nepal Medical Volunteers helping in air transport of COVID-19 patients

Combating COVID-19

COVID-19 in Nepal SARS-CoV-2, which causes the newly described coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), has affected millions of people worldwide, including Nepal. During the second wave, hospitals were overcrowded with increasing cases of infections, and most hospitals were reeling under a shortage of oxygen and ventilators. As a result, many hospitals stopped admitting new patients. Because

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Clinical Research

Robust research studies enable sustainable healthcare. We recognise that we cannot develop all the tools needed to achieve our vision on our own, so we develop partnerships with universities and research institutions around the world. The strengths that we bring to collaborations include a strong project management team, extensive technical expertise in the project design,

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Satellite Clinic

We aim to build outreach centres to expand our health service to remote regions of Nepal. These outreach centres are small medical facilities that offer basic and emergency care 24 hours a day. Specialists from Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital will regularly visit the outreach centres and conduct training courses. The main focus is on healthcare

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Community Outreach

Our parent organization Mountain Heart Nepal already have five years’ experience in delivering health services to rural/remote regions through outreach clinics. The purpose of a community outreach clinic is to extend clinical services in an environment where people face barriers in seeking or following up on their care. Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital and Mountain Heart

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Livelihood and Community Programs

Conditions of poverty and ill-health exacerbate each other. Poor health increases expenditure on medical care and reduces productivity and hence income. The constraints of low income in turn affect health negatively, through financial barriers to accessing good quality medical care, dietary deprivation and exposure to environmental risk factors such as poor sanitation and over-crowding. Recognizing

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