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Oxygen Plant at Siddhasthali

    Nepal is currently battling a dangerous second wave of COVID-19 with 323,187 infected and 3279 deaths as of 30 April. This surge has led to overcrowded hospitals & a severe shortage of oxygen. Patients are dying and doctors are struggling to save them because of lack of oxygen. 

    Oxygen Plant at Siddhasthali Hospital Hetauda
    The oxygen plant installed at Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital which will provide oxygen therapy to COVID-19 patients.

    In this pandemic, we have seen oxygen is seldom available to the poor beyond urban hospitals and private providers. Hence the “Oxygen Project” supported by Direct Relief will allow Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital to set up an oxygen manufacturing plant that will produce oxygen-filled cylinders to be distributed to government hospitals and people in need. 

    The Oxygen Project is self-sustaining. The produced oxygen cylinders will be sold to those able to pay and any income generated will be used to cover the operating costs of the oxygen plant. Any surplus revenue will be used to provide oxygen-filled cylinders to patients unable to afford them. After the end of the COVID 19 pandemic, the oxygen plant will continue to serve the patients admitted to Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital. 

    Patients requiring oxygen can reach out to our social media or our helpline number. The categories for procuring this cylinder include medical documents and recommendations from their respective ward office or doctors.

    Mayor of Hetauda Municipality at Siddhasthali Hospital
    The Mayor of Hetauda Municipality (Haribal Mahat) speaking at the Oxygen Plant opening ceremony.

    The Oxygen Manufacturing Plant at Siddhasthali Rural Comunity Hospital was formally inaugurated by the Mayor of Hetauda Municipality on Feb 3, 2022. 

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