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Satellite Clinic

    We aim to build outreach centres to expand our health service to remote regions of Nepal. These outreach centres are small medical facilities that offer basic and emergency care 24 hours a day. Specialists from Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital will regularly visit the outreach centres and conduct training courses. The main focus is on healthcare and the treatment of common diseases and illnesses. Diarrhoea, for example, can be treated quickly and affordably, and minor operations can be performed locally. In difficult cases, patients are transferred to the Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital.

    Our first outreach centre will be established in Langtang located in the Rasuwa district. Langtang is situated  51 kilometres north of the Kathmandu Valley. The region is renowned for hosting the Langtang national park and snow-capped peaks, the highest of which is 7,227m. When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal in 2015, a vast landslide in Langtang fell off, which submerged the entire village under a great plume of ice and rock, killing one-third of the population. A new Langtang village was being built 100 metres above the ruins of the old one.

    It takes 3-4 days to trek to reach the village. There is no well-equipped clinic in the area, non-well-trained doctors, nurses, and midwives, and the replenishment of medications and medical materials is often difficult and challenging. Expensive helicopters are used for urgent transportation in emergencies. The Langtang community has donated a plot of land to Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital. The clinic, once built, will provide free basic healthcare for the villagers. The picture below highlights some of our recent activities in Langtang- Land measurement and facility planning meetings with the community members.

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    Expansion of health service through establishment of satellite clinic support the following SDGs: