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Wish List for Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital

    We have compiled a wish list of essential medical equipment and supplies currently lacking at Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital and other hospitals in the Makwanpur region. This carefully curated list aims to ameliorate the disparity in healthcare quality, ensure equitable access to the best medical care, obviate the need for extensive travel to cities, and ensure affordability for the economically disadvantaged.

    We actively seek support for these vital needs that improve patient care and overall health outcomes. If you wish to offer support or provide suggestions, kindly email us at [email protected].

    This wish list was last updated on March 23, 2024,

    At present, we are actively seeking contributions for the installation of an oxygen pipeline system at Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital. We are utilizing the Global Giving platform for our fundraising efforts. This initiative allows for tax-deductible donations from individuals in both the US and UK, with the added benefit for UK donors of being able to claim gift aid on their contributions.

    You can find the donation link for our project below.

    Groundbreaking waste management technology that can be manufactured locally.

    Wish 1: Advanced Hospital Waste Management Solution ($35000 USD)

    In developing countries, particularly in rural areas, there’s a shortfall in suitable methods for hospital waste disposal. Several studies have highlighted that mismanagement of hospital waste leads to environmental and occupational health risks. Therefore, our first wish is to install a clean and economical non-incinerator technology-based waste management equipment that solves the problem of disposal of hazardous, contaminated, and infectious waste generated at Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital.

    This advanced system employs pioneering pyrolysis and gasification techniques to convert medical waste into heat energy in an efficient and environmental friendly manner. By avoiding incineration, this method prevents the release of noxious emissions such as dioxins, CO2, SO2, and other greenhouse gases. The process meticulously breaks down organic materials within a sealed environment under limited oxygen supply, converting them into a synthetic gas (syngas) primarily comprising carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Upon ignition, this syngas reaches temperatures of 800 – 1200 °C, dramatically reducing waste volume to about 4-5% of its original size, resulting in ash or clinker. This byproduct creates a revenue opportunity by being suitable for sale to cement factories, thereby transforming waste management challenges into an avenue for additional hospital income.

    Our Oxygen Manufacturing Plant, generously donated by Direct Relief, features a filling system designed for efficiently refilling oxygen cylinders.
    Our inpatient general ward currently lacks an oxygen pipeline. As a result, the hospital relies on our oxygen filling system to refill empty cylinders for use.

    Wish 2: Oxygen Pipeline System ($12000 USD)

    We wish to install an oxygen pipeline system at Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital to ensure continuous, on-demand oxygen supply directly from our oxygen plant to patient beds, reducing reliance on cumbersome cylinders. This upgrade will save electricity and labour costs and improve patient care by providing a safer, more reliable oxygen supply.

    Wish 3: Immunoassay Analyzer

    Introducing an immunoassay analyser to Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital will significantly enhance our diagnostic services, reducing the need for Makwanpur residents to travel far for reliable tests. This advanced equipment supports various critical analyses, including hormone levels for thyroid issues, tumour markers for cancer detection, bone health indicators, vitamin deficiencies, fertility assessments, early detection of fetal abnormalities, and cardiac markers crucial for heart attack diagnosis.

    Wish 4: IT Infrastructure ($10000 USD)  

    We would like to integrate a robust IT infrastructure with a server and computers that would revolutionize how we serve our patients and manage our resources. This strategic upgrade will enable us to harness the full potential of digitalization for hospital management. By centralizing our data, we will move towards a paperless environment, significantly reducing costs and our environmental footprint. Additionally, introducing remote monitoring capabilities will allow us to oversee hospital operations seamlessly, ensuring transparency and accountability to our donors and stakeholders.

    Wish 5: Other Essential Equipment and Tools 

    Every contribution counts, and we welcome donations of any size to assist in the acquisition of the following essential equipment and tools: 

    1. Visitor Chairs (3 Seater Bench with arms, Heavy Duty, Aluminium Made): $200 USD 
    2. Operation Theatre Bed: $2000 USD
    3. Floor Stand Procedure Light: $1000 USD
    4. OT Scrub Sink: $1500 USD
    5. Washing Machine and Dryer (10 Kg Capacity): $2000 USD
    6. Autoclave Machine for sterilization: $4000 USD 
    7. Software for Dental X-ray: $2500 USD
    8. Defibrillator 
    9. Hospital Curtains Room Divider
    10. Diagnostic Spirometer that can perform full lung function tests

    Note: Please note that the prices mentioned are approximate estimates and may vary based on specifications and market conditions at the time of purchase.

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