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COVID-19 vaccine clinic to strengthen community partnership

    Remote communities have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccine will help us end COVID-19 pandemic only if everyone has access to them. 

    Getting access to the vaccine is a struggle for many, and we all wish there was more we could do to help loved ones. To do our part, Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital in partnership with Government of Nepal organized a one-day vaccination clinic for the residents of Langtang on Feb 19, 2022. 

    Langtang is a remote community located north of Kathmandu where access to health care is limited. Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital is also building its first outreach satellite clinic in the region. 

    COVID-19 Vaccine at Siddhasthali Hospital Hetauda
    A one day clinic organized by Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital for the resident of Langtang.

    With help of two volunteer nurses from the community and community partners, we worked diligently and creatively to bring vaccination services closer to community in need. 

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital has been conducting activities aimed to help individuals and families gain accurate, timely, and culturally appropriate information about COVID-19, vaccine confidence, access and including providing stable oxygen oxygen therapy in remote regions of the country. 

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