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Inauguration of Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital

    On Oct 7, 2023, Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital unveiled its state-of-the-art ‘DR building’. The esteemed Hon’ble Minister of Health and Population, Mahesh Basnet, cut the ribbon.

    This project was brought to life with the generous support of Direct Relief, a non-profit based in California, and further, non-profits from both the US and UK helped in its completion.

    The new establishment accommodates a series of essential facilities, including an emergency ward, an inpatient unit, a lab, a radiology room, outpatient rooms, a cold chain room, a sterilisation room, a minor OT, an administration office, a seminar hall, and isolation & private inpatient rooms. The inauguration ceremony saw an array of esteemed guests. Hon’ble Uttam Joshi, the Bagmati Province Minister of Health, Minister of Forest and Environment, Masina Khadka, and members of the Provincial Assembly of Bagmati Province were present, alongside the CDO and many other dignitaries.

    The event video is available at this link: and the associated photograph can be found here:

    A big THANK YOU to everyone involved in making this dream a reality!

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