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Yeti Foundation Supports Dental Equipment in Rural Hospital

    The Yeti Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in Texas, recently equipped the Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital with state-of-the-art dental equipment, underscoring its commitment to creating sustainable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare opportunities in rural Nepal. For more details on their impactful work, visit 

    Advanced Dental Equipment installated at Siddhasthalli Rural Community Hospital.

    The introduction of advanced dental equipment at Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital will enable the hospital to offer comprehensive dental services previously unavailable in the region. The electrically operated dental chair comes with high-end dental tools, including a micromotor, scaler and intraoral camera. This equipment will significantly improve the quality of dental care at Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital and ensure that complex dental procedures can be performed with greater precision and safety.

    In addition to its significant contributions to dental healthcare, the Yeti Foundation also extended its administrative support to the fundraiser organized by the Hovey Family. This collaborative effort successfully addressed the critical infrastructural needs of the hospital, facilitating the acquisition of a 125 KvA generator and a 20-passenger bed lift.

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